The first High-Performance Decentralized Exchange platform on the Cardano Blockchain.

Total Supply
Swap Fee



A swap takes less than 1 minute to execute and will decrease with future updates and the implementation of Hydra. For reference, it can take up to 20 minutes to swap tokens using the Ethereum blockchain.

Low Fees

0.25 swap fee + Cardano transfer fees and nothing more!

In the future, you will be required to hold at least 0.1 YAY in order to execute a swap.


A decentralized crypto exchange that runs on the Cardano blockchain without the need of any intermediaries. Complete control of your tokens remains with you.

Earn Tokens

Add liquidity to the YaySwap Liquidity pool and earn tokens. Hold YAY and receive a part of the fees collected by the exchange.

YaySwap Token

What is YaySwap Token

YaySwap token has two goals. Promote Cardano and the tokens that are built on the blockchain. By redistributing half of the tokens that the platform receives in fees to the people that stake YaySwap token. In the future, 0.1 YAY will be required to use the platform.

Ticker: YAY

Total Supply : 100,000,000 YAY

56,000,000 YAY to be redistributed

8,000,000 YAY to the core team

36,000,000 YAY to the YAYinov Grant Fund

Half the tokens that our platform receives in fees are redistributed to our token holder proportionally to their balance.

Our early users will be rewarded. You will have the ability to swap ADA for YAY tokens.

We will soon announce when the funding will start. Once it starts, you just have to create an account on our website, deposit some ADA and buy your YAY. You will also be able to see what our platform will look like before we launch it, however, the swapping feature will be disabled. In January 2022, we will run a buyback campaign to everyone who wish to sell us back the tokens they bougth at the funding rate.

Why Cardano?

Some information about Cardano:

Initial Release: Sept 2017

Multi-Asset Blockchain release: March 2021

Transaction speed : With Hydra, Cardano can process thousands of transactions per second with no problem

Low transaction fees

You can buy and sell ada via Coinbase


Initial Release: July 2015

Transaction speed : About 15 transactions per second

High transaction fees & not likely to be fully solved even with upcoming upgrades

You can buy and sell ETH via Coinbase

Accepted as a funding method in Paypal


  • Downloads a full copy of the Cardano blockchain


  • Light wallet


Yayswap token launch
April 2021

Yayswap Liquidity Launch: After the Cardano Smart Contracts feature has been enabled and we finish the development.
Q2 2022

Yayswap Platform Launch: 2 weeks after the Yayswap Liquidity launch
Q2 2022

Wrapped token service Launch : We will begin offering wrapped tokens allowing users to swap tokens between Cardano and other blockchains.
Q2 2022

YaySwap Fund Public Launch & YAYinov Fund Launch
Q3 2022

Do You Have a Way to Help?

Frequently Asked Questions

A swap is simply an exchange, a token for another depending on the value at the moment of the exchange. Our platform will offer this in a completely decentralized way, meaning as the creators we will have no means of blocking or controlling people or transactions.
We are currently a team of 4 who strongly believe in Cardano’s future as well as decentralized finance. We are also confident that the DeFi era is still in its infancy, which means it needs a lot of work before it can become truly decentralized. This is what we hope to achieve. As we see it, Cardano has a lot of benefits over other cryptocurrencies which is why we are building our platform on this blockchain and we hope to help promote Cardano to other developers in order to grow this ecosystem.
Share the project, use the hashtag #yayswap, if you have a business, start accepting ADA. If you can do anything to help us or want a partnership, please contact us.

Here is a simple explanation:

You send your tokens to the contract address after generating a transaction on our website and from your wallet. The tokens are then sent to a liquidity pool. The liquidity pool will have tokens from other participants who will be paid a small commission to swap your tokens for theirs. All of this happens within a safe and secure Smart Contract.

Your tokens are going to be secured in a cardano smart contract where you are the only one that can access them if you are putting them in YaySwap Liquidity platform and for the Swap it's also the same thing, you send the tokens to a contract that has one thing to execute, send you the tokens that you swapped them for.

Send us an email with your idea or proposal.